Healthcare Accessibility

It’s no secret that healthcare is big business. Healthcare consumes over 22% — an astonishing $2.85 trillion — of the total gross domestic product of the United States. At $8,608 per capita, no other country even comes close to spending more money per person than the United States. Unfortunately, that has not translated into better healthcare for patients. One reason for this is that some healthcare providers prosper not because they deliver the best quality of care, but because they are predatory in their business practices.

Often, as a means of increasing profits, large healthcare entities will seek to restrict access to healthcare providers not affiliated with their organization so they achieve market dominance. Healthcare Accessibility Advocates (HAA) believes that healthcare quality is improved and costs are controlled through marketplaces that are not manipulated through artificially restricted availability.

It is the goal of HAA to ensure that people who are seeking healthcare services are able to have the broadest possible choices when making their decisions. We achieve this through creating greater public awareness of anticompetitive practices by healthcare providers.