Miami Beach Healthcare

As I know you are aware, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has dramatically affected the delivery of healthcare services in our country. Love it or hate it, no area of healthcare delivery services remains unchanged because of the ACA. The most basic premise of the ACA is that competition among healthcare providers in the marketplace is supposed to bring better quality healthcare while controlling and perhaps even lowering costs.

Unfortunately, it isn’t necessarily always working as intended. Unfortunately, some costs are higher. Some healthcare providers in certain select upper-income markets are trying to circumvent the competitive requirement through inappropriate manipulation of local zoning and land-use regulations thereby creating an artificial but de facto monopoly.

Because of practices like these, other healthcare professionals have joined me in creating Healthcare Accessibility Advocates. We want to create the most level playing field possible while creating a forum for the discussion of these issues. We passionately believe that unshackling competition and creating a truly free marketplace will ultimately create a fundamentally better environment to deliver quality healthcare while driving down or holding the line on costs.

A more perfect example of this could not exist than in the just released survey results of people who recently accessed hospital care in the South Florida market. In data obtained by a truly independent entity, many consumers expressed that they are unhappy with the product they are receiving from Mt. Sinai Hospital. Even more telling is Mt. Sinai’s anti-competitive actions of attempting to stop potential competitors from entering the Miami Beach market. Incidentally, the same survey results for the Baptist Hospital system indicate a dramatically higher satisfaction level among their consumers than Mt. Sinai’s. Perhaps Mt. Sinai’s patients would be better satisfied if more energy was focused on improving their relationship with their patients instead of trying to keep competition out of their lucrative market.

We invite you to review the enclosed material. We believe that when you do, you will agree with us that Miami Beach residents and visitors need more healthcare choices — not less. We also invite you to visit our website and join our organization in helping to make sure that an open forum on healthcare delivery quality will be created.
Very truly yours,

Victor Behar