What You Can Do

If you become aware of anticompetitive behavior by a healthcare provider through a Healthcare Accessibility Advocates (HAA) educational program, you should make your voice heard. This can be achieved through a variety of ways. Probably the most effective is to call and/or email your elected public officials. Another method of making your thoughts count is to write letters to the editor of media organizations or comment on the activity through social media like Facebook.

List of your local elected officials

Miami Beach City Commission

Mayor Phillip Levine philip@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7035
Commissioner Micky Steinberg micky@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7103
Commissioner Michael Grieco michael@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7104
Commissioner Joy Malakoff joy@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7106
Commissioner Jonah Wolfson jonah@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7102
Commissioner Ed Tobin ed@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7107

Commissioner Deedee Weithorn deedee@miamibeachfl.gov — (305) 673-7105

Florida State Representative

David Richardson — david.richardson@myfloridahouse.gov — (305) 535-5426

Florida State Senator

Gwen Margolis margolis.gwen.web@flsenate.gov — (305) 571-5777